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Monday, October 26, 2009


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By 1988 alot of things had changed in the musical landscape. Newer but not neccesarily better production techniques were being used and everyone from Judas Priest to Yes were using more "modern" sounding things like drum machines or an "echoey" mix. Now the Scorpions are "guilty" in using some of these techniques on this album, and all songs seem tailored to be hits, BUT, this album is not without great songs that can match up to anything from "Blackout" or "Love at First Sting". "Rhythm of Love" and especially the very inspiring "Don't Stop at the Top" can be definitely called classic songs. Good for the hardcore fan and some of the last truly melodious material they worked with.

1. Don't Stop At The Top
2. Rhythm Of Love
3. Passion Rules The Game
4. Media Overkill
5. Walking On The Edge
6. We Let It Rock...You Let It Roll
7. Every Minute Every Day
8. Love On The Run
9. Believe In Love

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