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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


320 KBPS

A little night music? About as much as anyone can take, I would have thought. EKN marked the end of Venom's first incarnation as a triumvirate, and the end of an era. Two live sets, recorded in London and New York, comprising the Black Metal Pioneers' finest moments. The choice of tracks is excellent, the sound is awesome, and the musicianship is... well, it's Venom. Air raid sirens, explosions, and loud raw metal all around. Get it.

1. Intro/Too Loud (For the Crowd)
2. 7 Gates of Hell
3. Leave Me in Hell
4. Nightmare
5. Countess Bathory
6. Die Hard
7. Schitzo
8. Guitar Solo Mantas
9. In Nomine Satanas
10. Witching Hour
11. Black Metal
12. Chanting of the Priests
13. Satanachrist
14. Fly Trap
15. Warhead
16. Buried Alive/Love Amongst the Dead
17. Bass Solo Cronos
18. Welcome to Hell/Bloodlust

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Anonymous said...

would be great if you could post the new rammstein album