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Monday, October 19, 2009


BOIRE (1995)
320 KBPS

Boire is Miossec's debut album. One that kicked French chanson in the nuts with minimalistic instrumentations (piano, acoustic guitar, fiddle) and gutsy lyrics. An album which shows that simplicity is not without its complexities. Boire is mostly songs about love, pain, hopes and disillusions and, on top of that, a cover of French idol Johnny Haliday, "La Fille à Qui Je Pense", which never sounded so real, so good.
Almost 15 years after its release, Boire remains as fresh and essential it was back when it came out. An essential for anyone into things French.

1. Non Non Non Non (Je Ne Suis Pas Saoul)
2. Regarde Un Peu La France
3. Le Cul Par Terre
4. Merci Pour La Joie
5. Crachons Veux-Tu Bien
6. Evoluer En 3eme Division
7. La Vieille
8. Recouvrance
9. Des Moments De Plaisir
10. La Fille A Qui Je Pense
11. Gilles
12. Combien T'es Beau, Combien T'es Belle
13. Que Devient Ton Poing Quand Tu Tends Les Doigts

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Essentiel, effectivement, cet album désormais classique