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Thursday, October 1, 2009


BAD KARMA (1994)
320 KBPS

Bad Karma is something Blaggers ITA certainly know well. Dropped ignominiously off EMI after one album, and dropped off the highest profile tour of their career for headbutting a journalist, Blaggers effectively committed career suicide before their career ever took off. The story behind it is simple: Frontman Matt had been a hardline fascist in his earlier years, and while in prison had been introduced to Marxism by his socialist cellmate, and completely changed his outlook to the left. Even a cursory listen to the band would show you that the journalist who came up with the line “Once a fascist always a fascist” to the point of violence totally misunderstood the band and was trying to gain copy. Instead he gained a head injury for his troubles and baiting.
Every song here is like a rallying cry to some failed and forgotten revolution, like the quashed 1905 revolution of Russia – a call to arms, a call against apathy and injustice In a world that then, as now, is selling millions of records that placate rather than agitate, that soundtrack and condone a existence where Coldplay or Blur or Oasis are seen as heroes for singing vague slogans and introverted millionaire miserablism. Like Band Aid, There’s a world outside your window, a world of dread and fear – and its not in Ethopia. Its in England, Europe, the West. This is not a charity record. This is for the Coldplay, the Travis, the Blur fans, the bland generation ; this is a wake up call. Records like this burn with a passion Travis, the Sterophonics and Coldplay can only dream of.

1. The Hits
2. 1994
3. Mantrap
4. Bad Karma
5. Famine Queen
6. Stress
7. Abandon Ship
8. Nation
9. Garden Of Love
10. Slam
11. Hate Generator
12. Oxygen

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