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Thursday, October 1, 2009


LOVE (1985)
320 KBPS

1985's Love displayed a marked improvement over the Cult's early material, and though it remains underappreciated in America (worldwide it was a smash), this exceptional record has actually aged better than the band's more notorious (and equally important) releases: Electric and Sonic Temple. Equal parts psychedelic hard rock and new wave goth, the songs on Love emanate a bright guitar sheen, tight arrangements, crisp drumming, and a command performance from vocalist Ian Astbury, who as usual says a lot more with less than most singers. Overall, the album benefits from a wonderful sense of space, thanks in large part to guitarist Billy Duffy (who is much more subdued here than on future releases), whose restraint is especially notable on "Revolution" and the remarkably uncluttered title track. Duffy also provides compelling melodies ("Hollow Man," "Revolution"), driving riffs ("Nirvana," "The Phoenix"), and even a U2-like intro to "Big Neon Glitter." Also on offer is the near-perfect "She Sells Sanctuary" and the smash hit "Rain," quite possibly the band's most appealing single ever. Considering the musical schizophrenia that would plague each subsequent Cult release, Love just may be the band's purest moment.

1. Nirvana
2. The Big Neon Glitter
3. Love
4. Little Face*
5. Brother Wolf, Sister Moon
6. Rain
7. The Phoenix
8. The Hollow Man
9. Revolution
10. She Sells Sanctuary
11. Judith*
12. Black Angel
* Bonus tracks


oNE and oNLY said...

The Cult played in Lisbon last friday on "The Love Tour" and what can i say?... The songs from this album sound absolutely fantastic live! In case you are wondering "is it worth it?" i say to you "Hell Yeah"

Anonymous said...

I listened to this over and over in my youth. I thought Ian's voice sounds like a wilder version of Jim Morrisson. The Cult's later material is less focused than this release but good nonetheless.