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Monday, April 5, 2010


320 KBPS

Four years after his band - Les Innocents - called it quits, JP Nataf finally released his debut solo album. With guests such as Kim Fahy of the Mabuses, Bertrand Bonello (director of "Tiresia" and "Le Pornographe"), Albin de la Simone (and a few others) it was meant to be a major pop event in France. Sadly, if the music on "Plus de Sucre" (More Sugar) is indeed a pop feast not unlike what JP's previous band used to deliver, the success didn't come. Maybe his music is too subtle and melancholic to seduce the masses, maybe is it just bad luck... Anyway, this album never got the success he deserved. So, if you like French pop that has something between the ears, don't look any further, "Plus de Sucre" is for you.

1. Tout Doux
2. Mon Ami D'en Haut
3. Ovale Lune
4. Jean-Philippe
5. La Grande Ourse
6. Jeune Homme
7. Plus De Sucre
8. Rengaine
9. Je Mange Mal
10. Mon Vaudou
11. Enveloppe
12. Le Consentement

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Anonymous said...

merci, du coup je jette une oreille aux innocents