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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


KEATS (1984)
320 KBPS

Keats was an Alan Parsons Project offshoot featuring vocalist Colin Blunstone, guitarist Ian Bairnson, bassist David Paton, and drummer Stuart Elliott, as well as Camel keyboardist Pete Bardens, who achieved success later with new age albums. Parsons produced Keats, but the songs are slicker than the more musically and lyrically adventurous Alan Parsons Project albums. That's saying something considering the highly polished sonic glaze Parsons gave his own work. Highlights include "Heaven Knows," "Fight to Win," and "Walking on Ice."

1. Heaven Knows
2. Tragedy
3. Fight to Win
4. Walking on Ice
5. How Can You Walk Away
6. Turn Your Heart Around
7. Avalanche
8. Give It Up
9. Ask No Questions
10. Night Full of Voices
11. Hollywood Heart
12. Interview with Alan Parsons and Ian Bairnson

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