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Friday, April 2, 2010


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An attempt to mainstream the Bosstones' sound and accentuate their metal influences backfires somewhat here. The band's connection to ska has sometimes seemed tenuous at best, but on Don't Know How to Party, the ska is reduced to a mere stylistic quirk punctuating a set of essentially heavy metal songs, which mutes the band's originality. "Holy Smoke" and a cover of the Stiff Little Fingers' "Tin Soldiers" do manage to make an impact, and "Someday I Suppose" is recycled (in an inferior version). I heard many people claiming this is the Bosstones' finest and I'm puzzled at how they can produce such argument. It sure isn't a bad album but it remains the weakest of the MMB's discography. But, who knows, I might be wrong so, if you want to know what the metal side of the Bosstones sounds like or just want the too few good songs featured here, this might be a good idea to try it anyway.

1. Our Only Weapon
2. Last Dead Mouse
3. Don't Know How To Party
4. Someday I Suppose
5. A Man Without
6. Holy Smoke
7. Illegal Left
8. Tin Soldiers
9. Almost Anything Goes
10. Issachar
11. What Was Was Over
12. Seven Thirty Seven/Shoe Glue

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