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Monday, December 14, 2009


HOWL & MOAN (2008)
320 KBPS

A truly exceptional debut from one of Australia's greatest emerging artists. This release should propel Abbe May into the big time. Bookended by two blistering songs, 'Howl And Moan' and 'Lay Me Down', this is a half hour of pure aural pleasure. The album title couldn't be more apt. Contains an excellent single in 'Costanza', and highlights like the rockabilly style 'You Gonna Get It' and powerful 'A Blackout In Your Town'. If you like blues, don't miss this one.

1. Howl & Moan
2. You Gonna Get It
3. We'll Take A Trip Up The Country
4. Costanza
5. Ma
6. Old River
7. A Blackout in Your Town
8. Storm
9. Sidesteppin'
10. Lay Me Down


Bill said...

Wonderfull post. Never heard her before . very impressive.

stuckinthe70s said...

thanks - steve

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot