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Thursday, December 17, 2009


320 KBPS

This is my favourite Toy Dolls album. Everything about it is great. This is trademark Toy Dolls stuff: bouncy, happy, fun, fast and energetic. If you have any of the older Toy Dolls releases on CD like Idle Gossip, Dig That Groove Baby, et al, you may have noticed that the sound quality on those recordings, although good, isn't as "up there" as it could be. You'll be pleased to know that the sound on Absurd-Ditties is really full and thick and sounds absolutely perfect. Also, Olga is at his guitar-playing peak on this album. His solos are amazing and will have you air-guitaring and jumping around in your room like a nutty fool. It's sure to leave you with a big grin.

1. Absurd-Ditties
2. I'm a Telly Addict
3. Terry Talking
4. Ernie Had a Hernia
5. Toccata in DM
6. My Wife's a Psychopath
7. Sod the Neighbours
8. Melancholy Margaret
9. Drooling Banjos
10. Alec's Gone
11. When You're Jimmy Saville
12. Caught up the Reeperbahn!
13. Dez the Demon Decorator
14. Absurd-Ditties (End Bit)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

excellent album
je me souviens avoir delire sur "tocata ..." en faisant les differents instruments