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Thursday, December 24, 2009


STYLE N°. 6312 (2000)
320 KBPS

The White Octave do what so few bands have been able to do on Style No. 6312; they successfully fuse the urgency and vitality of punk rock with pop melodies and interesting arrangements. Sounding at times like a cross between Superchunk and The Jesus Lizard, their guttural sound also recalls such innovators as Barkmarket. Producer / engineer Bob Weston does an expert job in capturing the dirt and dirge of Devise Executes and Crossing The Rubicon, as well as the surprisingly tender passages of Appeals For Insertion.

1. Appeals For Insertion
2. Crashing The Clarion
3. Devise Executes
4. Etc.
5. Call The Kiss
6. Piss And Vinegar
7. Adult Entertainment
8. Crossing The Rubicon
9. No Resolution Theory
10. This Is Not A Subsistence Existence
11. South
12. Guts And Black Stuff
13. Style No. 6312

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