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Saturday, December 26, 2009


MATHIAS (1997)
320 KBPS

Gribouille, born as Marie-France Gaite in 1941, was a mercurial singer and songwriter who made her mark for a very brief time on the French pop circuit. Diagnosed early in life with a mental health condition, Gribouille spent a time in psychiatric care, but not of her choosing. Upon her release, she moved to Paris, and hooked up Jean Cocteau, leading to cabaret work. In 1966, she released her only single and her only album. Sadly, she died only two years later, after a lethal combination of medication and alcohol. 40 years later, her work remains something of a cult object. Her passionate vocals, her peculiar way to mix pop music and classic chanson still does wonders. A must hear.

1. J'Irai Danser Quand Même
2. Si Tu Ne Rentres Pas
3. Si J'Ai Le Coeur En Berne
4. Chagrin
5. Mon Ami, Mon Amour
6. Le Temps De Marie
7. Mourir De Joie
8. On N'A Pas Le Droit
9. Gueule De Bois
10. Mathias
11. Grenoble
12. Mourir Demain
13. Pauvre Camille
14. Les Roses Barbelées
15. Les Corbeaux
16. C'Est Toi Qui Me L'As Dit
17. Elle T'Attend
18. A Courte Paille
19. Viens Danser Marie
20. Les Rondes


J Thyme...kind said...

This sounds quite special & I love the sound of Pop in France during this era. So thank you in advance & happy holidays.

Inn said...

Большое спасибо! Grand merci! Très longtemps cherché.

Mark said...

Superb! What a find! Thank you so much for this - and for all your work.

Mark C