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Monday, December 28, 2009


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Ariane Moffatt has built a career based on the sweetness of her voice and the novelty of her compositions. Outside of her native Quebec., she's certainly less well known (though an appearance on a 2005 Putumayo compilation brought her a bit of recognition), but could be fit into the market of highly capable female singer/songwriters with a bit of novelty and quirk to their sounds. Moffatt can tinkle like Feist; she can croon like Sara Bareilles; she can put together a loping beat that simultaneously comes across as both stylishly effortless and highly crafted. Moffatt is vocally strolling and strutting, not just walking. There's a fairly wide stylistic range available here, from softer, more standard-format ballads to an electro-thump title track that uses a whisper and something close to a Rachid Taha motive to clear some surprising territory. Moffatt earned her keep on the Canadian charts with this one.

1. La Fille De L'Iceberg
2. Briser Un Coeur
3. Je Veux Tout
4. Tes Invectives
5. L'Equilibre
6. Eternel Instant Présent
7. Réverbère
8. En L'Air (Intermède)
9. Tous Les Sens
10. Jeudi, 17 Mai
11. Perséides
12. Hiver Mile End
13. Never (Let Me Go) (feat. Yaël Naïm)
14. Mba a Bhècfê (Je veux tout)


Anonymous said...

Thanks again to the best blog in the world! May you never tire.

Anonymous said...

Again, thanks to you on presenting an artist who deserves more attention - bought it already two weeks ago. I strongly recommend her first album 'Aquanaute', which is, IMHO, her best at this time.

Salut, Carolina.