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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


320 KBPS

A new bass player and drummer signaled a toned-down Sly & the Family Stone sound. Partially in keeping with changes in much of popular music in the early '70s, and maybe the result of marriage and a child, Sly became more introspective, quieter, and calmer, even employing a string section on various cuts. A less exhilarating album than earlier efforts, there is still much of merit here, including the Top Ten R&B hit "Time for Livin'."

1. Small Talk
2. Say You Will
3. Mother Beautiful
4. Time For Livin'
5. Can't Strain My Brain
6. Loose Booty
7. Holdin' On
8. Wishful Thinkin'
9. Better Thee Than Me
10. Livin' While I'm Livin'
11. This Is Love
Bonus Tracks
12. Crossword Puzzle (Early version)
13. Time For Livin' (Alternate Version)
14. Loose Booty (Alternate Version)
15. Positive (Instrumental)


Anonymous said...

VBR (-v 0) would be highly appreciated... CBR320 may theoretically provide the highest quality, but it is practically also the most wasteful.

Mr Moodswings said...

It's actually VBR at 320kbps so, enjoy. Indeed CBR is a waste especially for compression.

thestarry said...

I dont understand how you achieve VBR @ 320.

You use LAME encoding which follows set presets e.g. v0 (target of 245kbps) or v2 (target 190kbps). Yet you're rips are ALWAYS around 317-319kbps (regardless of genre and volume) which isnt possible using LAME v2.

I hate to sound ungrateful because im not, you have a great blog with fine taste. I just wonder how you achieve this feat. I use LAME also and VBR 320 doesnt exist.

Whats the secret?