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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


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Before emo was associated with sad faces and bad haircuts, there existed the bands who carved out the "emo" genre by making music that was sincerely emotional. It was slow but beautiful; it would never catch the ear of mainstream audiences but for the fans sophisticated enough to appreciate it, it captured our hearts and ears.
Mineral's EndSerenading is, I would argue, the defining, most important album of original, genuine emo. The lyrics are heartfelt and written well, the musicianship is solid all around, and the melodies are some of the most beautiful ever written.
This album is the sort of achievement where everything simply comes together perfectly in a way not even the artists themselves could recreate. The Gloria Record, for example, had some amazing releases but still could never top EndSerenading.
The album starts off with the slow, soothing LoveLetterTypewriter before breaking into the beautiful Palisade. Then, GJS and Unfinished represent two of the albums lesser tracks (which are still good) before ForIvadell picks up the tempo slightly and blows your mind. The final four tracks - ALetter, SoundsLikeSunday, &Serenading, and TheLastWordIsRejoice - take the listener on an unforgettable ride. While the pace is slow and always beautiful, the music never lacks for intensity or brilliance.
If you've somehow managed to overlook this album all these years since its release, don't put it off any longer. You don't know what you're missing.

1. Love Letter Typewriter
2. Palisade
3. Gjs
4. Unfinished
5. ForIvadel
6. Walking To Winter
7. A Letter
8. Sounds Like Sunday
9. &Serenading
10. The Last WordI's Rejoice


Fede said...

mineral were simply great, best emo band ever.
i like a bit more their first album, the power of failing, more catchy but still so intense.
still angry with all those kids who ruined the term "emo"

Mr Moodswings said...

They ruined it, indeed.
As for the best "emo" band, I'd go with Texas is the Reason. Their only album is simply the greatest thing the REAL emo-scene has ever produced in my opinion.