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Saturday, December 19, 2009


R/O/C/K/Y (2001)
320 KBPS

The third album of French band the Married Monk, R/O/C/K/Y, was recorded in Tucson, AZ, by John Waters, giving shape to what they (producer and band) had started in the former disc, The Jim Side. And it seems like eclecticism had been the main thread for this album: Italian-sung songs, funny disco, a Robert Wyatt cover, instrumental pop/rock, symphonic-like instrumental music, ballads, and pop pieces. Also, even when going from one genre to another, the listener never feels lost, for there is the disturbing, thrilling undertone. As the sleeve (deliberately flirting with bad taste) and the title of the album (undoubtedly referring to The Rocky Horror Picture Show) already suggest, the music and the lyrics make one feels uneasy. Because of this lightly unwholesome atmosphere and the choice not to give priority to the guitars and to include piano parts, the pop songs of the Married Monk turn out to be original, pleasant, and well-shaped tunes.

1. Greyhound
2. Stuk
3. Roma amor (with Yann Tiersen)
4. Holiday (with Yann Tiersen)
5. Death In savannah
6. A life of ease (with Paula Nedder & Sir Clifton Taylor)
7. Painful summer (with Zoe Inch)
8. Sea song
9. A spasso
10. Ola mujeres
11. All I have
12. Ancora tu
13. Cyro's request

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