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Saturday, December 12, 2009


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Once in a while, an album comes along which is a real joy to listen to from beginning to end, and Eddi Reader's latest album, "Love Is The Way", is one of those special recordings. A laid back, beautifully recorded and performed acoustic-based collection, all brought together by Eddi's gorgeous voice, "Love Is The Way" is the perfect soundtrack to any lazy day, an album to listen to when you need a bit of stress relief or perhaps even spending a little romantic time with a loved one. With a handful of songs from the always excellent long-time collaborator Boo Hewerdine (who also played guitar on all but one of the tracks) and John Douglas (who mainly plays ukelele on this album) plus a few co-writes from Eddi herself, this quality collection of songs will please any folk/rock loving ear immensely.
Quite honestly, as this is such as consistently enjoyable release, it is difficult to pick favourites. The Boo Hewerdine-written "Dragonflies" is a delightful album opener, a gentle folk-waltz which sets the scene for the rest of the material wonderfully. "New York City", written by John Douglas, is an exceptionally beautiful song and Eddi's vocals are just heavenly. The gently jaunty gem "Over It Now" (a Hewerdine/Reader collaboration) is another highlight of this album, as is the Jack Maher-penned "Fallen Twice", which is a slightly country-tinted waltz, featuring some dreamy accordion, violin and ukelele - it's so lovely, it'll probably have you reaching to play it again right after it's finished. I could go on and list the other tracks, enthusing about each and every one of them - and I really could - but I won't.
This is a rare, timeless and beautiful album and one which I'm sure will feature heavily on my play list for many months to come. Eddi, who also self-produced this release, has judged the material perfectly and never allows her voice to overly dominate the music, instead opting for the understated and intimate approach. Something tells me that when summer finally comes around, then listening to this album outdoors with the sunshine on my face and a gentle breeze on my skin will be one of life's simple pleasures. An album to be treasured and one of the best of Reader's career.

1. Dragonflies
2. Silent Bells
3. New York City
4. Dandelion
5. Love Is The Way
6. Sweet Mountain Of Love
7. Never Going Back Again (Queen Of Scots)
8. Over It Now
9. Fallen Twice
10. It's Magic
11. Roses (new version)
12. My Shining Star
13. I Won't Stand In Your Way


Anonymous said...

hello steph (long time no news)
si tu veux j'ai quelques (somptueuses) chansons de Boo Hewerdine

Mr Moodswings said...

Merci d'avance. ^^