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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


320 KBPS

When first listening to Ane Brun, one suggestion comes to mind; the idea that this woman's voice is of an old soul. Ane's vocals are reminiscent to the undertones of well loved folk singers such as Buffy Sainte Marie and Joan Baez. With melow compose, Ane here has created a work of folk-art in which the listener is compelled to a sense of subdued passion. Ultimatley this is one of the best albums I have discovered this year, and it's too bad I had not found it sooner!. So check her out, enjoy this voice and its old soul style.

1. Humming One of Your Songs
2. Are They Saying Goodbye?
3. On Off
4. Shot My Heart
5. Drowning in Those Eyes
6. So You Did It Again
7. One More Time
8. Headphone Silence
9. What I Want
10. Sleeping by the Fyris River
11. Wooden Body
12. Humming One of Your Songs (Encore)

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