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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


320 KBPS

Here's EZ3KIEL's second album, an album that will content those looking for spectacular rock/dub fusion. EZ3KIEL has, since, grown up to be one of the most mesmerizing acts of the French indie scene and it all started properly with "Handle With Care". Of their dub roots, they retained that addictive groove, that deep bass growl on which they've built an unexpected fusion which leans towards the best post-hardcore and rock influences adding a well served dose of aggression and grace.
So basically what we're having here is dub enhanced to reach new levels very few dub acts had roamed as of 2001. A must hear from a band that had yet to reach its full potential but already had more than most others.

1. Burnin' Dub
2. Strange Days
3. How Do You Sleep?
4. Handle With Care
5. Preface
6. Jah'S Hardcore
7. Alghan Evasion
8. Cut Fiction
9. Sur Le Fil
10. 1 Hausse D'Insensité
11. D*Bm*Th*Rf*Ck*R
12. Via Continum
13. Salystoar

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