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Thursday, December 17, 2009


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A hard rock super group that released one great, yet largely ignored, album before members went on to other projects.
Formed by James Christian (vocals ex-House Of Lords), Adrian Vandenberg (guitar ex-Vandenberg and Whitesnake), Rudy Sarzo (bass ex-Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne and Whitesnake) and Tommy Aldridge (drums ex-Black Oak Arkansas, Ozzy Osbourne, House Of Lords, Whitesnake etc.). Christian was fired early in the band's history, and was replaced by former Little Caesar front man Ron Young. Everyone but Young had worked together in the Slip Of The Tongue era Whitesnake. Their one and only album was a bluesy affair that had more in common with Little Caesar then any of the other member's previous bands.
The album failed commercially and the members scattered, forming new bands and regrouping with their previous outfits.
The album, originally only released in Japan on Victor, is sweet and a must hear for any fan of bluesy hard rock and, with the musicians involved, you sure know it's well executed and it indeed is.

1. Can You Feel It
2. When the Hammer Comes Down
3. Ride the Storm
4. Can't Hold It
5. Fire in My Soul
6. Do Angels Die
7. Crossing the Line
8. Dark Shade of Grey
9. Pushing Me
10. Gimme a Shot
11. Keep It Coming


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