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Monday, December 28, 2009


256 KBPS

Germany's Mardi Gras BB are a vibrant jazz, funk, soul, rock, and hip-hop ensemble with a distinctly swampy New Orleans feel, led by the charismatic Doc Wenz (aka Jochen Wenz) and former Grug Grug bass player Reverend Uli Jug, who plays sousaphone in the band. Formed in the late '90s, Mardi Gras BB (the BB stands for "big band") have worked out of different configurations for each of their albums, but the basic lineup includes Wenz on lead vocals and guitar, Uli Jug on sousaphone, Erwin Ditzner and Javier de la Poza on drums and percussion, Robert Solomon and Uli Roser on trombone, Chris Bishop on trumpet, Andi Pompinsky on tenor sax and clarinet, Lomsch Le Mans on baritone sax, and DJ Mahmut on turntables. The group's debut album, Alligatorsoup, appeared in 1999 on Hazelwood Records and is still, to this day, their nicest and most vibrant release.

1. Down, Down, Down
2. Jungle Telegraph
3. Poo
4. Munster Theme
5. Let That River Flow
6. Herb Cooky
7. Bittersweet
8. Funkin' up Your Munster's Theme
9. Apache
10. One Before Munster's Theme
11. Guess What! [Munster's Theme]
12. Bye Bye Babylon
13. Big Warm up, Y'all
14. Prescription Blues
15. Blue Gospel

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