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Saturday, April 3, 2010


320 KBPS

Tableau de Chasse is Claire Diterzi's second album and, despite being as far as can be from progressive rock it's a concept album. Actually, the idea behind the 12 songs is quite appealing: each track is Claire's musical vision of a painting, sculpture or art installation. Musically, Claire Diterzi has crafted a clever and entertaining mix of chanson, pop and electronica lead by her voice and two backing singers with a background consisting of percussion, drum machines, strings, horns, samples...and more as Miss Diterzi has no limitation as to what is useful for the sake of the songs. Add to all this that no bad song is featured on Tableau de Chasse which makes a very pleasant and addictive 38 minutes listen which, though she clearly has a voice of her own, will appeal to fans of Björk, Camille or Emilie Simon.

1. L'Odalisque
2. Tableau de Chasse
3. Retiens-Moi
4. Zubrowka
5. A Quatre Pattes
6. L'Epave
7. Iku
8. Les Repas de Famille
9. La Vieille Chanteuse
10. Mes Bonnes Soeurs
11. Je Garde le Chien

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