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Saturday, April 3, 2010


320 KBPS

This is final full LP by the Graham Nash lineup. Although it has its flaws, it is fair to call this album a masterpiece. The title track is probably Graham Nash's greatest; certainly nothing he did with the Americans ever bettered it. This is a big production psychedelic album, as can be seen with the likes of "Charlie & Fred," the ersatz Eastern "Maker" and giant Joe Meek-esque balladry of "Would You Believe?" However, there is also great Hollies pop rock with "Dear Eloise," "Step Inside" (which should have been a single)and "Postcard." Gripes? I wish there was a bit more electric guitar. The two silly tracks are "Try It" and "Elevated Observations," where they blather about "the astral plane" and promise that "you'll find your head." It is amusing how Bernie Calvert imitates the bass guitar style of the Byrds' Chris Hillman on "Observations." If you like "King Midas in Reverse," get this album.

1. Dear Eloise
2. Away Away Away
3. Maker
4. Pegasus
5. Would You Believe
6. Wishyouawish
7. Postcard
8. Charlie and Fred
9. Try It
10. Elevated Observations?
11. Step Inside
12. Butterfly
13. Dear Eloise
14. Away Away Away
15. Maker
16. Pegasus
17. Would You Believe
18. Wishyouawish
19. Postcard
20. Charlie and Fred
21. Try It
22. Elevated Observations?
23. Step Inside
24. Butterfly

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