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Saturday, April 3, 2010


LIVE (1998)
320 KBPS

Ex-Téléphone's axeman, Louis Bertignac never quite had the success he deserved as a solo artist. After two albums with his post-Téléphone band (Bertignac et les Visiteurs) and two solo albums which, if they weren't bad, certainly didn't demonstrate the furious performer Louis is on stage, he finally delivers something worth of his talent. This 1998 live album, produced by Chris Kimsey (Rolling Stones, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Marillion, Duran Duran, Peter Frampton, etc.), is here to give Louis' songs a new life. Surrounded by a band of top notch intrumentalists, he proves to all those who doubted his aptitude to make it as a solo artist that he's a real live beast. Selecting songs from his previous band (2000 Nuits, Cendrillon), his solo career and spicing up the selection with a few classics (Muddy Waters Blues, Sympathy for the Devil, Wild Thing, etc.) he offers us a great double live album, one that the fans of (classic) rock ought to themselves not to miss.

Disc 1
1. Vas-Y Guitare
2. Pas Cassé
3. Days of 96
4. Pluie De Blues
5. Maguy T'Arrache Pas
6. Oubliez Moi
7. Sniper
8. Je N'Veux Plus T'Attendre
9. Cendrillon - Version 97
10. Le Vent Viendra
11. (Sittin'On) The Dock Of The Bay
12. Muddy waters blues
Disc 2
1. Jack
2. Sympathy For The Devil
3. Hey Jude - Reprise Sympathy
4. Love In Vain
5. Girls From The North Country
6. Telle Est Ma Vie
7. 2000 Nuits
8. Coeur Ouvert
9. Flipper
10. Hygiaphone
11. Wild thing
12. Ces Idées-Là


Willy said...

The link is missing.

Mr Moodswings said...

No, it's not. Click on the album cover.