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Saturday, December 5, 2009


320 KBPS

This California band formed in 1994 and this is the fourth album they have released. It definitely sounds exactly what you would expect (if you're a Cake fan). In a short period of time they've established themselves in the rock world. Cake is a tad bit different from the overload of alternative/rock bands out there with the way they mix various genres of music such as rock, lounge, funk, blues, punk and hip-hop. They aren't afraid to experiment within their music abilities. It does contain lyrics that refer to sex throughout the CD, which might bother some, but I'm okay with it.
John McCrea sings, Greg Brown on the guitar, Vincent Di Fiore plays the trumpet here with Victor Damiani on bass guitar and finishing the line-up is Todd Roper pounding on the drums. The album did go platinum, achieving some success, which I believe was a result to two cover songs on the album, one being the disco hit "I Will Survive" which is quite entertaining. Other good songs on Fashion Nugget are "Friend is a four letter word" and "The Distance". So what do I think of this CD, in a word -- Yummy.

1. Frank Sinatra
2. The Distance
3. Friend Is A Four Letter Word
4. Open Book
5. Daria
6. Race Car Ya-Yas
7. I Will Survive
8. Stickshifts And Safetybelts
9. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
10. It's Coming Down
11. Nugget
12. She'll Come Back To Me
13. Italian Leather Sofa
14. Sad Songs And Waltzes


Anonymous said...

un autre morceau de ce groupe se trouve sur "B sides and rarities" : mahna mahna, le reste et autres reprises sont sympas tout en restant et sonnant Cake
peuvent ils faire autrement ?

Anonymous said...

I believe this is their second album not their fourth.