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Thursday, December 3, 2009


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I wear my heart on my sleeve here when I say that I put Calvin alongside Butch Hancock, Jimmy Dale Gilmour and the late Townes Van Zandt as one of Austin, Texas' finest musical exports. Don't expect an objective review, because you won't get one - like Guy Clark, Butch, Jimmie and the rest Calvin doesn't make bad albums. Some may be better than others, but like a fine vineyard, buy it for the label assured that the contents will be fine. Released as all his previous albums have been by German based SPV, this one was actually recorded in Texas and will be released in the US on Willie Nelson's Pedernales label. This means accompaniment includes luminaries like Lloyd Maines on steel, Stephen Bruton on guitar, Freddie Krc on drums and the inimitable Kimmie Rhodes on backing vocals. The album is beautifully produced by veteran Joe Gracey, whose production credits include (in addition to wife Kimmie Rhodes) such luminaries as the aforementioned Butch and Jimmie as well as Willie Nelson, Sue Foley, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Asleep at the Wheel.
Three classic Russell original songs are set here amongst three by Townes Van Zandt, a brace by Gillian Welch and songs by Stephen Bruton, Willie Nelson and Jagger/Richards' 'No Expectations', done in country blues style. If you like any of the artists I've mentioned in this review, then do yourself a favour and check this record out.

1. Shadow Of Doubt
2. It Is What It Is
3. Barroom Girls
4. No Expectations
5. Country Boy
6. Freight Train Blues
7. Pass You By
8. Still Lookin' For You
9. Wild Roses
10. I Never Cared For You
11. Ain'T Leavin' Your Love
12. I'Ll Be Here In The Morning
13. Nothin' Is
Bonus Disc
Rebel Radio Tour - Live
1. Big Brother
2. Honly-Tonk Woman
3. A Crack in Time

1 comment:

pfelelep said...

Great album! Thanks a lot for sharing. I'll head my dad over this one, as he made me discover calvin Russel a few years ago.