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Thursday, December 3, 2009


320 KBPS

Son of two Republican Spanish refugees, Leny Escudero had everything it takes to be a rebel and, so, he became a protest singer. Though is career, started in the early 70's, has been quite confidential in France, he became a cult artist known to be of every battle with the weak against the strong. A convinced leftist, Leny has always covered songs of resistance and it's, thus, no surprise to see this 1997 release entirely devoted to anarchist/leftwing anthems. Recorded with a string quartet, an accordionist, a contrabassis, a pianist, a guitarist and a drummer, "Chante la Liberté" is a classy tribute to these well know songs where Leny's heartfelt vocals fit perfectly. Not groundbreaking or anything, this album should be taken for what it is, an homage to beautiful resistance songs.

1. El Gallo Negro El Gallo Rojo
2. Le Déserteur
3. Bella Ciao
4. Le Chant De La Libération
5. A La Huelga
6. La Complainte Du Partisan
7. El Paso Del Ebro
8. Le Chant Des Marais
9. La Butte Rouge
10. L'Affiche Rouge
11. Le Temps Des Cerises
12. Le Chant Des Partisans Soviétiques
13. Lily Marlène
14. Les Canuts

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