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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


NORDIC (1996)
320 KBPS

For those who love Billy Cobham, it doesn't really matter what he does. The drums are unmistakeably Billy Cobham, but the music is quite different from the style we've been accustomed to since the early 70s. This album proves Billy Cobham to be a very versatile drummer, not only capable of his famous rapid-fire style of fusion-drumming, but also at ease in a more bop-oriented context. Good compositions and a Cobham who shows the world how drums should be played make this album an absolute favourite.

1. Was/Not/Was
2. By "City"
3. Chief
4. Fioff
5. Pytti Panna
6. As First I Saw You
7. Just A Throught
8. Prime Time
9. Folk Tones
10. December Suite pt.5
11. Bandits

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