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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


TABARLY (2008)
320 KBPS

2008 soundtrack dedicated to Eric Tabarly by the popular French composer. The film is about Tabarly, a former officer in the French navy who is often considered the father of French yachting, Tabarly was a record-setting distance sailor who won several notable races aboard his boats, all named Pen Duick. He was lost at sea when struck by a gaff during heavy swell and knocked overboard from his yacht while on the way to Belfast, Northern Ireland.
And now to the music: every piece of music from Yann is a celebration. This guy's music takes me to a different world leaves me emotional and speechless. Few ppl in this world have the ability to captivate the listners like Yann does. Another masterpiece from this awesome composer.

1. Tabarly
2. Naval
3. II
4. Au Dessous Du Volcan
5. IV
6. La Longue Route
7. 1976
8. Yellow
9. Point Zéro
10. La Corde
11. 8 Mm
12. Point Mort
13. Dernière
14. Atlantique Nord
15. Eire

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Mark said...

I love Yann's music too, thank you for this!