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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


320 KBPS

Sliding over hesitant, jazzy arrangements, Stina Nordenstam's little-girl-lost voice conjures up a dreamscape of its own, full of the details of the everyday juxtaposed against a spacey weirdness. She whispers of lost opportunities of love in "She watches him from behind" and gently mocks her own melancholy with lines like "my sister needs a cigarette to take her through the day, I need this". Hiding behind this lunar lyricism are some glorious jazz hooks that make for captivating listening. Overall, Nordenstam has created the right soundtrack to nights of introspection and insomnia.

1. Memories Of A Color
2. Return Of Alan Bean
3. Another Story Girl
4. His Song
5. He Watches Her From Behind
6. I'll Be Cryin' For You
7. Alone At Night
8. Soon After Christmas
9. Walk In The Park

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