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Thursday, March 11, 2010



As part of the original Hardcore movement, Maximum Penalty has been and still is, one of the most original hybrids of the New York Hardcore sound. From the band’s inception, the founding members have fused different styles such as Hardcore, Metal, Hip-Hop and melody which put MP’s unique stamp on the scene. The band started out at the tail end of the first wave of the hardcore movement in the late 80's. They played the infamous hardcore matinee at the now deceased CBGB's with friends and family from the N.Y. scene. From that point the Crossover Metal scene exploded into the 90’s with MP's unique brand of Hardcore, along with their peers such as Sick of it all, Killing Time & Agnostic Front.
Here are two albums demonstrating the band's quality. The production may not always be of the best quality but the music still is the enjoyable proof of the Maximum Penalty's unique signature sound. If you're into hardcore punk and have never heard of these lads, you owe it to yourself to try this double offering. And, trust me, disappointment is out of the question.

320 KBPS

1. Face Value
2. Find a Better Way
3. Could You Love Me?
4. ...So God Help Me
5. Nowhere to Turn
6. Justice Paid
7. Where Were You
8. Life Jacket
9. Hate [Live]
10. Comin' Home [Live]
11. Be Yourself [Live]
12. Burning Bed [Live]
13. Acceptance [Live]
14. Ivory Tower [Live]

320 KBPS
1. Believe
2. Overdue
3. Too Little, Too Late
4. Among Friends
5. 70's boXXX
6. Heartless
7. Hate
8. Life Jacket
9. Mood Swings
10. Could You Love Me
11. East Side Story
12. Identify
13. Immaculate Conception
14. For What It's Worth
15. No More Mondays

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