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Friday, March 26, 2010


GET SHOT (2003)
320 KBPS

This is a good record. Not my favorite Fireside ("Elite" is my favorite) but good none the less. It gets a little boring at points, but other than that, well worth it. Don't pay any attention to the silly sticker some marketing genius decided to put on it, stating: "Creators of the Swedish Invasion". What about ABBA? I think A-HA was from there too. Maybe Fireside is the Best band to come out of Sweden and were ahead of their time with their first records, but they're hardly the creators of popular Swedish music.

1. All You Had
2. Follow Follow
3. Betrayer
4. Backwards Over Germany
5. Throw It Away
6. I'm Coming Home
7. Problem (To You)
8. All Criminals Are Us
9. Swinging Sid's Chain Around
10. Player

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