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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


320 KBPS

A shallow but some times fun record for Tarantino heads. Well, that kind of sums it up really! Unfortunately the album never really reaches the heights of it's funky and danceable opener (The Fun Lovin' Criminal) or its very successful singles, but has its moments throughout and is a quite interesting mix of influences: Chicago Blues, rock, rap, country, Acid rock and no doubt all sorts of other sub genres. When they attempt to be serious (E.G. The Grave and the Constant, We Have All the Time in the World) you'll need to hit that skip button... Nevertheless, for its few good tunes (about half the album actually), this album is worth a try and remains a good source for party mixes.

1. The Fun Lovin' Criminal
2. Passive/Aggressive
3. The Grave And The Constant
4. Scooby Snacks
5. Smoke 'Em
6. Bombin' The L
7. I Can't Get With That
8. King Of New York
9. We Have All The Time In The World
10. Bear Hug
11. Come Find Yourself
12. Crime And Punishment
13. Methadonia
Bonus Tracks
14. I Can't Get With That (Schmoove Version)
15. Coney Island Girl

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