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Thursday, March 18, 2010


320 KBPS

Funny but classy. This band might look like a joke but, believe me, this is deadly serious kick-ass rock and roll. LOS BASTARDOS FINLANDES are from Finland and I can't tell you much about their line-up as it seems to be a secret (probably the Bastardos are involved in other project and decided to play the "Brujeria" card). Anyway, their CD is filled with some sort of typical Finnish orientated Rock/metal. This means catchy songs like "Born'N'Raised" and "No diamonds to heaven" that mix the influence of MOTORHEAD, punk rock and some LORDI for good measure. Dirty mean and raw but still catchy and melodic... What else to expect from Finnish musicians who want to rock you! They also use a maidenesque twin-guitarsound that enriches their sound quite a bit. All in all, this is good metal/rock fun. We all need something like that sometimes.

1. Born 'N' Raised
2. No Diamonds To Heaven
3. El Diablos Day
4. Happy On The Run
5. Bad Blood
6. Red Eye Station
7. Devils Country
8. Here With You
9. When The Balloon Goes Up
10. Wheelspinning
11. Viva! Los Bastardos!

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