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Saturday, March 20, 2010


320 KBPS

Sonically, "Let Your Dim Light Shine," is every bit as good as Soul Asylum's breakthrough smash "Grave Dancer's Union," even if it doesn't contain a smash hit like the way-overplayed "Runaway Train." Unfortunately, some of the best songs here suffer from lyrics that are either laughable or offensive. The catchy single "Misery" is saddled with the baffling refrain "frustrated, incorporated," while "String of Pearls" has bizarre references such as the one to a a two-headed President. But the low point comes with the reference to a six-year-old hooker in the song "Eyes of a Child," which contains the album's prettiest melody.
Overall, this is a self-sabotaged follow up to a popular breakthrough album that helped to hasten Soul Asylum's rapid return to their previous obscurity which is a shame as most of the songs are quite good. Still, if you're the kind of person who doesn't care much about the lyrical content of an albumn, you'll find enough tunes to content you.

1. Misery
2. Shut Down
3. To My Own Devices
4. Hopes Up
5. Promises Broken
6. Bittersweetheart
7. String Of Pearls
8. Crawl
9. Caged Rat
10. Eyes Of A Child
11. Just Like Anyone
12. Tell Me When
13. Nothing To Write Home About
14. I Did My Best

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