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Monday, March 15, 2010


320 KBPS

Gone to Chicago to record with Greg Norman (Pe­li­can, Mi­le­ma­ker, De­tach­ment kit…), Mi­chel Cloup and his lot of angry artsy indie rockers came back with a new album that displayed more of their classic and classy take on intellectual post-punk. More focused than Experience first releases, "Nous (en) Sommes Encore Là" is one more proof of how talented and visceral ex-Diabologum Michel Cloup's formation is. Fist raised hight, sharpened teeth, urband noise all around, Expérience is not an easy beast to catch. Sometimes, the influence of Noir Désir helps to get into their sound but the band remains something original and unique and their 2008 release a raw object of desire for anyone looking for litterate and politcally concerned indie rock.

1. Entendre ça
2. Une larme dans un verre d'eau
3. Les aspects positifs des jeunes énergies négatives
4. Ils sont devenus fous
5. Something broken
6. Il y a toujours une lumière
7. Ever got the feelin' you've been cheated?
8. La république invisible
9. La vérité
10. Petite précision (à l'attention d'un ami)
11. Des héros
12. Retrouvée
13. Entre deux
14. Nous (en) sommes encore là

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