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Friday, March 12, 2010


MY BEAUTY (1999)
320 KBPS

Kevin Rowland is an incredibly brave man. After years of drug abuse, poverty, and a career in the dustcan, "My Beauty" was supposed to have represented a triumphant return to the music business. Unfortunately, due to his sartorial choice of the moment it turned into a regrettable laughing-stock.
The record is a spirited selection of covers, songs which Rowland claims helped him through the dark days. It is art as therapy, which doesn't always amount to good (or easy) listening, especially when the therapy sounds to have only recently begun. Particularly disturbing and disruptive is Rowland's tendency to change the lyrics to suit his 'healing' view of the world.

1. The Greatest Love Of All
2. Rag Doll
3. Concrete And Clay
4. Daydream Believer
5. This Guy's In Love With You
6. The Long And Winding Road
7. It's Getting Better
8. I Can't Tell The Bottom From The Top
9. Labelled With Love (I'll Stay With My Dreams)
10. Reflections Of My Life
11. You'll Never Walk Alone

1 comment:

pembe gözlüklü kedi said...

it would be great if you can find his first solo album... "the wanderer"... :))