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Saturday, March 27, 2010


320 KBPS

This is the third album for Brooklyn's Made Out Of Babies. It was recorded in guitarist Brendan Tobin's studio and features guest appearances from keyboardist Jason Watkins (Mouth of the Architect) and bassist Greg Burns (Pedal Steel, Red Sparowes).
The Ruiner is a very unique and compelling CD. Heavy and oppressive doomy riffs give way to quirky and mellow acoustic sections, and then take off again. To describe it as experimental doesn't really fit, because even though there are some very unusual and strange things going on, Made Out Of Babies knows exactly where they are going.
Made Out Of Babies has the ability to play challenging music that is unsettling and dissonant, but know the exact moment to pull back into something melodic and less intense. Doing it that way gives the listener a better opportunity to absorb everything going on in each song.
Julie Christmas is an extremely versatile vocalist. She can croon quietly and smoothly, sing with intensity and passion, and scream and caterwaul with power and raw emotion. She's a powerhouse, and her style and charisma demand your attention. The Ruiner is not a CD that's easily digested. It is challenging listen that make take a while to fully comprehend, but it's well worth the effort.

1. Cooker
2. Grimace
3. Invisible Ink
4. The Major
5. Buffalo
6. Bunny Boots
7. Stranger
8. Peew
9. How To Get Bigger

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