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Thursday, March 25, 2010


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Vive la Fête was founded in 1997 when Mommens (then still playing in his former band dEUS) recorded a few demos with Pynoo on his 8-track recorder. These demos were released on the EP Je ne veux pas (sometimes also referred to as Paris) which gathered some attention because of it is reminiscent of eighties music. Their first success came with their debut Attaque Surprise (2000). Later records such as Republique Populaire (2001) and Nuit Blanche (2003) made them popular, especially in the fashion world, where Karl Lagerfeld is one of their fans. In 2005 they released Grand Prix and toured all over Europe and played some shows in Brazil and Mexico.
With their 2007 release, Jour de Chance (day of luck), the duet explores more of the same mix of indie electronica and 80s revival. It's not a bad album though some might find the formula a little repetitive, I personally like it for what it is, a fun, upbeat little album that'll fit both your dance parties and lounge restings and will never try to be more than what it is. So, if you know the other Vive La Fête albums and enjoyed it, this is for you and, if you haven't heard of them yet, this is as good a place to start as any.

1. Aventures Fictives
2. Mais
3. La Route
4. Tout Va Continuer
5. Betises
6. Tout Fou
7. Une Par Une
8. Je Suis Fachee Avec Toi
9. Quatsch
10. Stupid Femme
11. Il Pleut
12. Tele
13. Love Me, Please Love Me

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