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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


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Despite what his name may let you think, Joseph d'Anvers doesn't come from northern Belgium, in fact, this Paris-based singer/songwriter has since long been living in the popular north of the French capital, not far from the subway station... Anvers! For his second album, this modern troubadour has decided to leave hs beloved hometown and head to Rio de Janeiro where he worked with producer Mario Caldato (Beastie Boys, Jon Spencer, Beck, etc.) and came back with a mix of raw minimalistic pop/chanson and electronica that fits his sweet voice perfectly. Keeping at heart his "French-hood", Joseph has succeeded to reinvent his sound while never betraying where he came from delivering 13 entertaining tunes that will equally please the indie pop lover and the new chanson afficionado which was not as easy as it seemed. Doing so, he gave us one of the best French albums of 2008, flawed sometimes but that's part of its peculiar and endearing charm.

1. Kids
2. Le Continent
3. Entre Mes Mains
4. A Mi-Distance
5. 1000 Fois
6. Par Avance
7. Le Bât Blesse
8. Le Funambule
9. L'Amnésie
10. Sept Jours D'Une Vie
11. Les Chiens (Mangent Les Chiens)
12. Les Anonymes
13. Les Roses

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