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Friday, March 26, 2010


320 KBPS

Since when Mathias Blas has come back behind the microphone of Falconer, they have acquired a bigger awareness and confidence, starting to follow that debut album that is still remembered by many as their absolute peak.
The new "Among Beggars And Thieves" could only remark the main characteristics of the Northern band, wisely mixing a melodic classic heavy metal with some powerful, at times very strong folk influences that enrich also the lyrics of the album and that deal with the hard life medieval Sweden has been through in the past.
The music tries to fit the themes and, in full Falconer style, gives us many moments of thick concrete epos that seems recalling to mind foggy landscapes, snowy mountains and warlike atmospheres. At times supported by a valid female counterpart that increases the scenographic effect of the vocal parts, it's the singer who leads the game, laying his declaiming clear voice upon the mid tempos, standing the clash of the instruments in the most accelerated heavy scores (as the starting "Field Of Sorrow"), interpreting with cleverness the expressive peak of the final theatrical "Dreams And Pyres".
For who doesn't know it yet, the true Falconer are back and "Among Beggars And Thieves" is the touchable proof.

1. Field of Sorrow
2. Man of the Hour
3. A Beggar Hero
4. Vargaskall
5. Carnival of Disgust
6. Mountain Men
7. Viddernas Man
8. Pale Light of Silver Moon
9. Boiling Led
10. Dark Ages
11. Skula, Skorpa, Skalk
12. Dreams and Pyres
13. Vi Sålde Våra Hemman

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