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Monday, March 22, 2010


320 KBPS

"State of the World Address" is one of those records that defined an undeniable moment in time. Many have accused Biohazard of being "fakes" or mocked them for being a "one trick horse", but this record stands alone. The band managed to unleash a sonic fury on that few have ever captured though many have made pale attempts at imitation. The production is warm and captures the NYHC/hip-hop mix perfectly, and the band themselves sound as pissed off as possible. Biohazard came to this party to tell a story, and while that story may be a little too "out there" for some's an exciting ride nonetheless.
Catchy numbers such as "What Makes Us Tick" and "Down For Life" bridge the NYHC/hip-hop feel brilliantly with "How it Is" bringing in the slightly archaic rappers Cypress Hill to add to the vocalization. Other, heavier tracks such as "Love Denied" and "Five Blocks From the Subway" also paint horrific landscapes of urban decay and inner city stressfests. The songcraft here defined an entire career, and possibly defeated many later records by perfecting the formula to a point in which we may have never needed another record of this type.
"State of the World Address" may be the one perfect record Biohazard will unleash. While some will love it and some will hate it...Biohazard remain the lone kings at what Biohazard do. Respect must be given...

1. State Of The World Address
2. Down For Life
3. What Makes Us Tick
4. Tales From The Hard Side
5. How It Is
6. Remember
7. Five Blocks To The Subway
8. Each Day
9. Failed Territory
10. Lack There Of
11. Pride
12. Human Animal
13. Cornered
14. Love Denied

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