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Thursday, March 11, 2010


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Juliette could be described as one the last survivors of classic French chanson only, she's too young to be a survivor. Nevertheless, I cannot count her as one of the new French chanson artists. She's too much of a maverick compared to this scene and possesses something that reminds me of the great tragedians of the "chanson réaliste" (Piaf, Damiah, Fréhel) with an humour that could be inherited from Charles Trenet or Bobby Lapointe. If that definition is more fitting to what Juliette is, it's still not totally accurate as she really is a beast of her own kind. Suffice to say those who do not yet know her yet but who want to dig depper into the "French sound" would be well advised to check this 2002 release, her best in my opinion, where her humour, her superior compositional skills do wonders.

1. L'Eternel Féminin
2. Impatience
3. Garçon Manqué
4. Retour A La Nature
5. Mode D'Emploi
6. Il N'Est Pas De Plaisir Superflu
7. La Paresse
8. Tous Les Morts Sont Ivres
9. Un Ragga Abscons
10. Le Dernier Mot
11. Le Festin De Juliette

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