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Monday, March 15, 2010


320 KBPS

From the leadoff track, the sizzling and real-life-realization of "Kinder Words," to the sizzling, real-life observation of "Jump Through the Hoops," the Bosstones opened up wide and said "ahh!" on "Question the Answers." Packing a sonic punch they had only hinted at in many of their earlier releases, the 'Tones brought ska core to the fore several years before the world's second (or maybe 10th) ska revival became all the rage. It was frat-party music for the thinking crowd: social commentary quite frequently pops up on their earlier albums, but the lyrics are especially strong here, especially on "We Should Talk" (actually one of the weaker cuts) and "Hell of a Hat." If you want to sample the Bosstones and their ilk, this is the one to try.

1. Kinder Words
2. A Sad Silence
3. Hell Of A Hat
4. Pictures To Prove It
5. We Should Talk
6. A Dollar And A Dream
7. Stand Off
8. 365 Days
9. Toxic Toast
10. Bronzing The Garbage
11. Dogs And Chaplains
12. Jump Through The Hoops

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