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Saturday, March 27, 2010


320 KBPS

Back in 1996, this double CD compilation introduced the original Grand Central roster of Aim, Rae & Christian, Only Child, Tony D, Mr Scruff, Andy Votel and Funky Fresh Few to the world. This album was the proof that British producers could compete with the best of them. ...A true classic!
Now reissued for the label’s tenth birthday, this 21 track double-CD is a great re-introduction to a magnificent label on the verge of greatness. Listen and be inspired by top names like Tony D, Only Child, Andy Votel, Gripper, Rae & Christian, Aim, and others...

Disc one
1. "Central Introduction" - Tony D
2. "How Sweet It Is" - Mr. Scruff & Mark Rae
3. "Spellbound (featuring Veba)" - Rae & Christian
4. "Second Street Gogo" - Tony D
5. "Hand Of Doom (featuring Clita Johnrose)" - Andy Votel
6. "Through These Veins (featuring Afu Ra)" - Funky Fresh Few
7. "Pourquoi (featuring Buffy Brox)" - Only Child
8. "Good Advice" - Rae & Christian
9. "Rain (featuring Buffy Brox)" - Only Child
10. "It's Time Two (featuring Chubby Grooves)" - Tony D

Disc two
1. "Original Stuntmaster" - Aim
2. "Hemlock'd" - Andy Votel
3. "You Mean Fantastic" - Funky Fresh Few
4. "Loopdreams" - Aim
5. "When We Get Together" - Tony D
6. "Gotta Have Her" - Mr. Scruff & Mark Rae
7. "Lunagroove" - Only Child
8. "Baseball Fury" - Rae & Christian
9. "Spooky Driver" - Andy Votel
10. "Souldive (All City mix)" - Aim
11. "Northern Sulphuric Soul" - Rae & Christian

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