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Monday, March 29, 2010


JOGA (1997)
320 KBPS

This little CD is a mini gem that comprises all of the Joga singles into one EP, if you will. There are 2 great mixes of Joga one is done by Howie B., the other is the Buzz Water mix. They are minimalistic mixes and are a nice counterpoint to the menace at the end of the album. The B-sides are of mixed quality. Sod Off is excellent in parts, but is incredibly grating in others, the song is a puzzler. So Broken is a guitar driven song that has Bjork go way off the handle with the vocals, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Lastly, here comes Alec Empire. The hardcore master comes and offers his services; basically the songs are Alec going into a self-indulgent rage of hardcore beauty. If you started the song a minute in, there is no way you'd know it was a remix, but it doesn't matter. They're still pretty damn solid, and I like the way the vocals are worked into the remix. Overall, this limited edition compilation of the gems from the Joga singles is a must have for all Björk fans and a worthy addition for the others.

1. Joga (Howie B. Main Mix)
2. Joga (String & Vocal Mix)
3. Joga (Buzz Water Mix)
4. All Is Full Of Love (Choice Mix)
5. Joga (Album Version)
6. Sod Off
7. Immature
8. So Broken
9. Joga (Alec Empire Mix)
10. Joga (Alec Empire Hardcore Mix 1)
11. Joga (Alec Empire Hardcore Mix 2)

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