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Sunday, March 21, 2010


1983-1998 (2007)
320 KBPS

The long-awaited high-fidelity overhaul of the Genesis catalog began with a multi-album box set spanning 1976-1982 — the first half of Phil Collins' reign as lead vocalist, otherwise known as the prog years of when the group was a trio. Instead of moving backward to cover the band's early, arty years with Peter Gabriel, the next release in this series moved forward, covering 1983-1998, otherwise known as the "pop years" for the trio. To their credit, Genesis doesn't try to write the 1998 post-Collins Calling All Stations out of their history: it's right here, alongside 1983's Genesis, 1986's Invisible Touch, and 1991's We Can't Dance, plus a bonus disc with eight rarities. Going forward to these albums makes sense for two reasons: first of all, there's the fact that this is the reunited lineup that was touring the world in 2007, but it's also true that these digital-era productions are better showcases for 5.1 Surround mixes and they're the records that have loads of video and multimedia material to fill out these DVD-As (in the U.K., this set is available as Hybrid SACDs as well). The video section of each of the albums contains all the video clips from the record, plus new interviews with the bands about the record, then there's multimedia press kits added to the mix.
Anyway, all you've got here is the music from the stereo mixes which are an improvment on those of the original cds from 1983 and 1986 and a little less for We Can't Dance and Calling All Stations. As for the 5.1 mix and DVD part, you'll have to buy the box to get it.

GENESIS (1983)
1. Mama
2. That's All
3. Home By the Sea
4. Second Home By the Sea
5. Illegal Alien
6. Taking It All Too Hard
7. Just a Job To Do
8. Silver Rainbow
9. It's Gonna Get Better

1. Invisible Touch
2. Tonight Tonight Tonight
3. Land Of Confusion
4. In Too Deep
5. Anything She Does
6. Domino
Pt.1: In the Glow Of the Night
Pt.2: The Last Domino
7. Throwing It All Away
8. Brazilian, The

1. No Son Of Mine
2. Jesus He Knows Me
3. Driving the Last Spike
4. I Can't Dance
5. Never a Time
6. Dreaming While You Sleep
7. Tell Me Why
8. Living Forever
9. Hold On My Heart
10. Way Of the World
11. Since I Lost You
12. Fading Lights

1. Calling All Stations
2. Congo
3. Shipwrecked
4. Alien Afternoon
5. Not About Us
6. If That's What You Need
7. Dividing Line, The
8. Uncertain Weather
9. Small Talk
10. There Must Be Some Other Way
11. One Man's Fool

EXTRA TRACKS 1983-1998 (2007)
1. On the Shoreline
2. Hearts On Fire
3. Do the Neurotic
4. Feeding the Fire
5. I'd Rather Be You
6. Anything Now
7. Sign Your Life Away
8. Run Out Of Time

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