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Monday, March 22, 2010


320 KBPS

Here comes a new voice in the French scene. One that has everything to content those who like Chansons à la French and where influences from "Great Old Ones" (Barbara, Brel, Ferré) can be found, in a modern fashion that is.
The delicacy of L's voice and melodies fits well songs which have more layers than you'd initially think. The arrangements are kind of pop/rock oriented even if fado, classical music or jazz are part of this new-girl-in-town's musical universe.
Be one of the first to get a taste of L's talent on this sweet mini-album. Omens are she's going to be big quite soon.

1. Les Hurleurs
2. Mes Lèvres
3. Petite
4. La Pluie
5. Jalouse
6. Mon Frère

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