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Thursday, March 4, 2010


IMMIGRE (1993)

320 KBPS

Born in Senegal but working in France since 1982, Niominka Bi is kind of a well kept secret those who love reggae music share. He took the man quite some time to finally release his debut album on Boucherie Productions (a French alternative label known for bands such as Mano Negra, Les Garçons Bouchers, Pigalle, Los Carayos, Happy Drivers, etc.) in 1993. Before that, living in the city of Bordeaux, he heavily played in local clubs gaining a well deserved reputation in the reggae underground.
On Immigré, backed up by the N'Diaxas Band, he demonstrates how well africanity and reggae fit together. The production is not up to the music but decent enough so that it doesn't spoil the fun of listening to a damn fine reggae album.
Sadly, this albums is no longer available so don't miss your chance to catch up on Niominka Bi's debut album.

1. Immigré
2. N'Deysaan
3. Caroy
4. South Africa
5. Mama Rog
6. Rastaman
7. Jamaani
8. O Nak
9. O Noow Olaa
10. Ayrul Samane


aceofspace said...

rien sur le link, et pourtant, niominka bi a , avait des choses a dire...

aceofspace said...

oups, desolé, j'avais oublié le mot de passe...