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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


GAUDI (1987)
320 KBPS

Final album under the ALAN PARSONS PROJECT name (Alan PARSONS would later on simply record as Alan PARSONS). I find this album a notch better than "Vulture Culture" and "Stereotomy", but of course, this is no "I Robot" either. The music is about Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, the guy who created truly bizarre and unusual buildings and structures (despite his very conservative political and religious views), such as the Sagrada Familia cathedral, Casa Milà apartments (with some truly bizarre chimneys and ventilation shafts on the roof, making going up on the rooftop of the Casa Milà an absolute must), and Güell Park. Pretty much, the music on this album is as you expect from The ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, heavily orchestrated pop-rock, but there are some more '80s synth-pop type numbers such as "Too Late", "Standing on Higher Ground" and "Money Talks".
Nice to see two of their key vocalists, Eric Woolfson and Lenny Zakatek make a return here (they seemed oddly absent on "Stereotomy"). There are two Eric Woolfson ballads, "Closer to Heaven" and "Inside Looking Out". It might not be the best thing APP ever done, but it could've been a lot worse.

1. La Sagrada Familia
2. Too Late
3. Closer To Heaven
4. Standing On Higher Ground
5. Money Talks
6. Inside Looking Out
7. Paseo De Gracia (Instrumental)
Bonus Tracks
8. Too Late (Alternate Version - Eric Woolfson Guide Vocal)
9. Standing On Higher Ground / Losing Proposition (Vocal Experiments)
10. Money Talks (Chris Rainbow / Percussion Overdubs)
11. Money Talks (Rough Mix Backing Track)
12. Closer To Heaven (Sax / Chris Rainbow Overdub section)
13. Paseo De Gracia (Rough Mix)
14. La Sagrada Familia (Rough Mix)

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